Comments Policy


Pretty much any and all feedback is welcome, including (even especially) honest and constructive criticism, but there are some fair limits. Now, I’m pretty loose with rules, but commenters are nonetheless expected to heed the following guidelines if they wish to retain their posting privileges:

  • No trolling.
    This may be obvious, but it bears mentioning that writing comments intended solely to anger and sow unnecessary conflict, without actually saying anything of substance (not to be confused with commenters who honestly espouse unpopular opinions), is liable to get one’s messages instantly deleted, followed by an immediate ban. This isn’t the underside of some bridge, so don’t treat it as if it were.

  • This also applies to sleazy behavior in general: violating privacy/“doxing”, impersonation, sockpuppetry, etc. – all are bootable offenses from the first instance.
  • No spamming.
    Spamming is the act of posting material that’s generally regarded as irrelevant or superfluous to the discussion at hand, such as plugs for unrelated websites, repeatedly copy-pasted text from other comments, overly lengthy excerpts (or entire pages) lifted from other websites, etc. I’m pretty lazy about enforcing any standards, but obvious spam posts will be deleted and repeat offenders may be banned if they don’t stop after receiving an appropriate warning.

  • This also applies to motor-mouths – try to condense your thoughts into individual comments, rather than several successive messages. Your moderator will thank you. (Or at least, not ban you out of irritation.)
  • No thread derailment.
    Off-topic remarks are perfectly welcome, of course, but I would appreciate that discussions remain more or less on-topic to the post in question. Posts intended solely to skew comment threads elsewhere may be deleted, and repeated offenders may get banned if they ignore my warnings. Comment threads that get out of hand may be closed.

  • No excessive vileness.
    There are no language filters here, but there are still reasonable limits to what I will endure. I ask commenters to use their own common sense to determine whether or not their oath-laced rants that would make a logger camp cry is appropriate for the conversation. Anyone who can’t seem to do so will be warned, and refusal to clean up their act may result in comment deletion and/or banning, though this is reserved only for the worst offenders.

  • No threats of violence.
    I hope I don’t have to point this out, but in addition to being a clear sign of a lost argument, threats of violence are also just a little bit completely illegal. No such messages are permitted on this blog under any circumstances. Anyone caught making them will face instant comment deletion and will receive a first and final warning. Any further threats will result in an immediate ban. In addition, threats may also be reported to law enforcement.

  • Don’t piss me off (aka the “my blog, my rules” clause).
    While this is intended as a generally friendly place, I am still the (benevolent) dictator and anything I say goes, goes, no matter how capricious it may seem. I always try to be fair and lenient, but anyone who gets on my nerves, even if they don’t specifically violate the previous guidelines, may still be kicked out to preserve both my patience and the quality of discussion here. Always keep in mind that a blog is like its owner’s metaphorical living room: stay and chat all you want, but aggravate the host and you may just get shown to the door. (And not always politely.)

  • Regarding comment modification: I reserve the right to edit reader comments if:

    • Commenters specifically request it (such as to fix double-spacing or other formatting issues);
    • I find any broken links (I’ll fix them automatically);
    • Empty or unreadably glitched comments are posted (will be cleaned/deleted)
    • Duplicate comments are made (copies of the first will be deleted);
    • Banned commenters attempt to post (instant deletion).

    Registered Disqus users may edit their own comments if they wish.

    Banned Commenters

    A list of commenters who’ve been banned (and the offense(s) that cost them their commenting privileges) can be found here at Preliator pro Causa. The blacklist applies to both blogs, so I won’t republish it here for redundancy and convenience’s sakes.

    Last updated: 04/18/13 3:17 PM ET