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About Me

Joé McKen (18) [07/13/10]
Me at 18 (07/13/10)

Obligatory disclaimer: Any and all views, opinions and writings on this blog are my own and are not in any way affiliated with any of my employer(s), associate(s), and so on, unless otherwise noted.

My name is Joé McKen (Jo-eh Meh-ken), and as noted to the left, I’m a liberal skeptic and third-wave atheist living in suburban Montréal in the heart of Québec, Canada. I was born here in December of 1991, moved to Texas in ’96, returned to Québec in ’01, and have been stuck in a rut here ever since. I love spaghetti, hate sports, and really want a dog.

My interests and hobbies include:

  • Reading (anything from blogs to cheesy romances, with some sci-fi in between);
  • Writing (novels, short stories, lots of blogging – though no poetry, which I suck at);
  • Drawing (technical and artistic);
  • Composing music (notably orchestral and rock);
  • Watching TV (House, Frasier and MythBusters are my drugs);
  • Videogames (notably Perfect Dark (N64), SimCity 4 and Minecraft); and
  • Generally browsing the Net for anything remotely interesting.

About Creativitas

I originally hosted my creative works over at my regular blog, Preliator pro Causa, but eventually felt it would be wiser to separate said works from my more politically charged outlet. Creativitas thus came to be on April 19, 2013, and has featured my songs, writings, drawings and various artistic endeavors ever since.

Any and all feedback is welcome, though readers are advised to heed the few (but important) comments policy before commenting on this blog. Rule-breakers and nuisances may end up the The Dungeon.

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