Friday, April 19, 2013

Welcome to Creativitas!

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A couple false starts and a solid week of designing and coding later, and my new art blog is finally online. All my musical, literary and artsy posts from Preliator have been transferred here and backdated to their original publication dates for convenience. I now embark in the process of slowly but surely redirecting all their corresponding pages at my other blog to their equivalents here; I’ll update when this final step is completed.

As for this place, it’s pretty simple: Navigate by the menu to the right, leave any feedback you like (it sustains me – though only if it abides by the blog’s comments policy), and … well, that’s it, I guess. This place will only be updated whenever something relevant to my creative pursuits happens, from revisions to personal events of an artistic nature; otherwise, all other meanderings will remain at Preliator.

I s’pose that’s it, then. See y’all around!

UPDATE: 04/20/13 1:44 AM ET —

All corresponding Preliator posts have been redirected and their comments closed. Which means setup has officially ended. And now, I bid thee g’night