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Inhuman Soundtrack | Inhuman Theme

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Inhuman Soundtrack
Inhuman Theme
Composed by Joé McKen
Posted: [c. 2010] | Last updated: 03/05/13

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This is part of my soundtrack for my series-turned-upcoming novel, Inhuman, which I’m presently busy overhauling and revising.

This is the main theme for Inhuman, in the form of a short suite to capture the feel and scope of the story as I envision it.

Written & recorded with Sibelius; mixed Audacity.

Changelog: (click the [+/-] to expand/collapse →) []
  1. 11/09/11: I have an interview with a potential new music teacher tomorrow (and I’m currently excited as a lemur on crack), so I took the time to polish this up just a bit more, tweaking some volumes and whatnot. (And I also found – about bloody time – how to make the clash cymbals sound decent. Durr.)
  2. 11/10/11: Made a few more tiny volume tweaks.
  3. 03/27/12: Added a flute part to the main theme, and made some other miscellaneous sound tweaks.
  4. 05/07/12: Made a few small volume tweaks (reduced noise during silences, quietened some instruments).
  5. 05/14/12: Updated some instruments (brass, percussion, harp) using Sibelius 7 sounds and remixed from scratch.
  6. 05/14/12 8:15 PM ET: Tweaked some volumes, made the choral slightly more prominent.
  7. 05/22/12 8:25 PM ET: Improved the handbells and made some minor volume tweaks.
  8. 11/22/12 11:08 PM ET: Replaced several instruments with improved versions (thanks, Kontakt!) for an overall smoother, cleaner feel.
  9. 03/04/13 10:05 AM ET: I finally found the right drum sounds I’d been seeking for a while, and I think the result speaks for itself. Also added a brake drum and made a few other minor edits, mostly volume-wise.
  10. 03/05/13 7:05 PM ET: Made a couple more tiny volume tweaks.

You are free to use & share my music as long as I am credited as the original creator. Song(s) available upon request.