Thursday, August 30, 2012

Taiga Soundtrack | 6: God’s Manor

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Taiga Soundtrack (#6)
God’s Manor
Composed by Joé McKen
Posted: 08/30/12 | Last updated: 09/03/12

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This is part of a little soundtrack I was asked to compose for an upcoming RPG named Taiga by friend Douglass Hughes. The game is set to have a dark, creepy, minimalistic feel, and I did my best to characterize it with the reduced instrumentation I was asked to use.

At one point, the player emerges from the forest to arrive at the imposing home of “God”, a man who created the local town and possesses vast powers. God is described as being “silly, sarcastic and mean”, and this corresponding tune plays on while the player explores his grand dwelling.

Written & recorded with Sibelius.

Note: Song is subject to being modified at a later date as the game is finalized.

Changelog: (click the [+/-] to open/close →) []
  1. 08/31/12 1:40 AM ET: Ironed out a couple tiny kinks that had been bugging me and equalized the volume.
  2. 09/03/12 4:11 PM ET: I just realized the song hadn’t been working for some reason. Uploaded a new version to fix it.

You are free to use & share my music as long as I am credited as the original creator. Song(s) available upon request.