Monday, August 15, 2011

New ‘Inhuman’ teaser preview

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I’ve been making sporadic little progress reports/teaser previews for my book-to-be, Inhuman, elsewhere for a while. The thought only now occurred to me to actually used my own blog for self-promotion for once.

I've been on a bit of a roll these last few days, so much so that I sat down today and wrote about 1,400 words in less than three hours. (Which, for me, is rather astonishing.) So, to celebrate – and to give my one-and-a-half readers something to chew on other than my tasty vertebrae – here’s an excerpt from the latest scene I cooked up as part of the first of three entirely new chapters. Enjoy! (And, as always, feedback is much appreciated.)

Sean followed Nessi’s instructions to the letter, and a few minutes later, he arrived at the little irrigation canal separating the village from the fields, with the orchards to the right. He made his way over the short fence and through the gate, and soon found the foxgirl he sought. Her back was turned to him as she picked some fallen fruit off the ground. Sean couldn’t help but have an uncomfortably good view of her backside, and Nessi’s tease about him being her “obsession-slash-mate” resurfaced to nag him.

Rolling his eyes at his own behavior, he grinned as he crept forth towards her, doing his best to stay out of sight until he was right behind her, an arm stretched out towards her long, fidgeting tail –

‘If you yank on that, I’m throwing you into those nettles,’ came Aki’s voice, an orange-furred arm extending to point at some rather vicious-looking thorny fruit-bush off to their side. Sean immediately retracted his hand.

Aki slowly came back upright, turning to stare him down with that characteristic glint in her eye.

‘You’ll need to evolve some footpads if you ever wanna trick these things, human,’ she said with a cute waggle of her vulpine ears.

‘Pfft. I can beat ’em anytime I want. I just let you win this time.’

‘Oh, so you’re Sean the Noble, then?’

Sean turned as he heard a giggle from behind him. ‘Not from the way he was just staring at you, Foxy.’

Sean felt his cheeks go hot again and he glared around at Nessi as she came up behind him, that teasing smile on her muzzle again.

‘What? That’s not …’ he tried to excuse, but the look of mingled surprise and amusement on Aki’s face made it quite clear she knew Nessi was speaking truthfully.

‘Oh, I know, he’s always staring at me any chance he gets,’ Aki said with feigned exasperation. ‘It’s like he’s never seen a pretty girl before.’

‘Well, then, maybe he just needs more … exposure,’ said Nessi with a nod.

They both stared at him with disconcerting grins, and Sean barely had time to wonder what they were up to before …

Oh, dammit, you two.

Current word count (original): 157,969 (152,454)
Current page count (original): 437 (423)