Monday, July 04, 2011

Inhuman | Sean (illustration)

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I’ve been meaning to do a full-body character pic of Sean from my book-in-progress, Inhuman, for the longest time. Recently, I took to reading some choice webcomics, and I figured I’d try to draw him in a looser, more anime-like style than usual, so now about a week later, this is the result:

Sean O’Neil
Sean Achelon O’Neil (25) in jumpsuit with plasma rifle
Sketched, inked & colored in PaintTool SAI, finished in Photoshop CS4 • Tools: Wacom Bamboo tablet
[full size (408×964)]

I plan to expand upon this pic in the future, though I’m not entirely sure what to make it into just yet. I’ve got plenty of ideas, so we’ll see.