Saturday, April 30, 2011

Inhuman Soundtrack | Evicted [deprecated]

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Inhuman Soundtrack [deprecated]
Composed by Joé McKen
Posted: [c. 2011] | Last updated: 04/30/11

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NOTE: This track no longer comports with the revised version of Inhuman and has been replaced in the soundtrack.

This is part of my soundtrack for my series-turned-upcoming novel, Inhuman, which I’m presently busy overhauling and revising.

This started out as some random template piano melody, but I figured it would serve well as the theme during a later, particularly sad event in the story. A few hours in total of fiddling around, and this is what I got. I like it for now, though as usual, expect some various little modifications to occur at some point. I’m not sure which track this is, yet; I decided to skip ahead a bit.

Written & recorded with Sibelius; mixed with Audacity.

You are free to use & share my music as long as I am credited as the original creator. Song(s) available upon request.