Thursday, March 03, 2011

3D model of Catalasia’s Reactor Room (WIP)

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For the past few days, I’ve been constructing a little 3D model of the Catalasia’s Reactor Room from Chapter 16: Destiny’s Call of my eventual Inhuman novel, to use as a reference for the background in a future chapter illustration. Unfortunately, Google SketchUp contains a number of small but incredibly irritating glitches – well, one in particular (rather difficult to explain) – that end up making this amateur pull his hair out in frustration. So, rather than continue to spend hours troubleshooting (and creating my own makeshift human-hair shag carpet), I’m leaving the model in its ~80% completed state, with a couple of shots (for purposes of showing off):

That second one, above, is the exact reference shot I’ll be using for my next illustration, which is due to be completed circa eventually. Also, the model file (.skp filetype) is available upon request, should anyone be so inclined.