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The Path to War Soundtrack | And So They Came

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The Path to War Soundtrack
And So They Came
Words & music by Joé McKen
Posted: [c. 2009] | Last updated: 01/25/11

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This is part of my soundtrack for my planned novel, The Path to War, which has been on the backburner since my early teen years.

This is a traditional/folk-type song of Noran lore, speaking of the troubles and hardships caused by the Empire and its oppression and destruction. It’s basically about a young boy who sees his homeland destroyed by an Imperial raid, his loved ones lost.

Lyrics may eventually be performed by yours truly.

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[Verse 1]
I used to live in lands of gold
Yet always looking for demon’s call
As my mother used to say,
Be happy, be happy

[Verse 2]
We sought to hide from our enemies
Lived to fear what would come near
My mother said, just to reassure,
Be happy, be happy

[Verse 3]
And so they came from the fields of grey
They burned the lands and tore us down
The day we hid is the day we prayed:
Keep us safe and them away

[Verse 4]
And so she told me,
Be happy, be happy
They came and went in a blurry haze
All was gone and I was lost
In the night, you can see the flames
They took my life and thew away
Look in the eyes of darkness calling
Be happy, be happy

Written & recorded with Sibelius.

You are free to use & share my music as long as I am credited as the original creator. Song(s) available upon request.