Thursday, January 20, 2011

Inhuman | Back cover illustration [updated]

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I’m on a roll. Here’s another book illustration finished:

Back cover illustration: Sean’s disabled escape pod approaching the Earth
Sketched, inked & colored in SAI, retouched in PhotoShop CS4 • Tools: Wacom Bamboo tablet

Anyone who’s read Chapter 1 will know what’s going on, here … I know the Earth looks a bit crappy, but drawing a realistic pic of an highly complex arrangement of colors and shapes such as our watery, earthy and cloudy planet is surprisingly hair-pull-inducing, so I copped out and just Photoshopped a photo, instead.

Changelog: (click the [+/-] to open/close →) []
  1. 03/03/11 2:20 PM ET: Uploaded new version with improved Earth textures and highlights.