Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dark Horizons

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Author’s Note: This is the first story I ever published online, way back when I was … 16? 17? … which entails that it’s understandably amateurish by my present standards. But then, we all have to start somewhere. And so, here’s my first foray into the literary arts (that I’m willing to let anyone else read).

Dark Horizons


The Dead City

It was a calm and tepid May night. The moon was shining bright in the starry sky, casting its eerie pearly glow upon the parched clouds and giving the waters and buildings below a surreal, almost phantomlike aura. A low, plaintive breeze made the few trees sway slightly, their leaves tentatively bristling before settling back down to a deathly still.

The massive towers of dark glass, steel and stone that populated the island stuck up like a forest of needles towards the sky. Their windows were blackened, mostly broken, and looked as though light hadn’t shone through them in decades. The buildings’ facades were prominently cracked and crumbling, the rubble from which formed mounds of debris in the city streets hundreds of feet below. Once bustling with life and action, these asphalt pathways were now silent and still, covered in a chaotic mess of rusted-through cars, fallen streetlamps, and other random garbage and debris that would’ve made walking amongst them a true navigational nightmare.

However, no-one was walking around. There hadn’t been a sign of human life in New York City for what had obviously been a very long time. Only insects and the rare animal managed to eke out a living in what was now a sprawling, towering ghost city.